Military medals

Available for the US Army, Marine Corps, US Navy, US Air force, Coast guard.  Our global market place, is a great way to find military collectibles and uniform insignia’s.  Our vendors have all sorts of military collectibles. They are mostly experts in their fields. We carry a wide range of military medals, devices, miniatures, ribbon mounting supplies, and DUI crests.  Bayonets, clothing, boots and  ammo cans.

Armed forces valor awards

Most importantly, we carry the hard to find awards, we do require you to provide proper documentation to obtain them, in compliance with the Stolen Valor Act.   If your not sure how to get these awards please feel free to contact us.  866-420-4147 or email our costumer service. Consequently if there are special items you are looking for please ask us we can contact some of our off shore merchants to search for what you are looking for.

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