US Navy Distinguished Service Medal


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US Navy Distinguished Service Medal.


Navy Distinguished Service Medal.  The award is the Navy and Marine Corps equivalent to the Army Distinguished Service Medal.  The Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, and the Coast Guard Distinguished Service Medal. 

At the start of World War I, most importantly the Navy had the Medal of Honor as the only decoration with which to recognize heroism above all.  Meanwhile, the law made the award retroactive to 6 April 1917. The first award of the decoration was a posthumous presentation to Brigadier General Charles A. Doyen, USMC, on 13 March 1919. Originally, senior in precedence to the Navy Cross, the Navy Distinguished Service Medal assumed its current place below the Navy Cross. Consequently held by congressional action on 7 August 1942.

 Furthermore, exceptional performance of duty must be clearly above that normally expected, and contributes to the success of a major command or project.  For instance This does not preclude the award.  The Navy Distinguished Service Medal to any individual who meets the service requirements. As a result The term “great responsibility” implies senior military responsibility, and the decoration is normally only bestowed to senior Navy flag officers and Marine Corps general officers, or extremely senior enlisted positions such as the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy or the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps.

In conclusion, the Navy Distinguished Service Medal is a gilt bronze medallion 1.25 inches (32 mm) in diameter. The obverse of the medal depicts an American bald eagle in the center displaying its wings.  In the center of the star is a blue anchor, while gold rays radiate between the arms of the star.

Subsequently the reverse of the medal depicts a trident surrounded by a laurel wreath.

The medal’s suspension and service ribbon is navy blue with a single central stripe of yellow. 


A special thanks 

to these brave individuals who have conquered these brutal acts to gain this legendary award thank you.

Jonathan Greenert

Admiral  Greenert is a recipient of various personal and campaign awards including the Distinguished Service Medal (6 awards), Defense Superior Service Medal and Legion of Merit (4 awards).

Douglas MacArthur

In July 1941 MacArthur launched a number of successful offensive operations against the Japanese military during WW2.


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