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Navy Occupation Service Medal

Navy Occupation Service Medal is a military award of the United States Navy.  First of all  “Awarded to commemorate the services of Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard personnel.  Therefore in the occupation of certain territories of the enemies of the U.S. during World War II”.  Therefore as a result and recognized those personnel who participated in the European and Asian occupation forces during, and following World War II.

The Army of Occupation Medal is the equivalent of the Navy Occupation Service Medal. No person could receive both the Army and Navy occupation medals.


 The clasps are rectangular with a rope border. The Berlin Airlift Device is also authorized to those Naval personnel who have served 90 days or more with an accredited unit in support of the Berlin Airlift between 1948 and 1949.

Sofourth to denote service in Europe and Asia, respectively.

Occupation duty has a long and storied history as qualifying service eligibility. Here is a glimpse of the places that conferred membership on veterans who wore these little-known medals and they did so by never seeing combat.

The World War II Navy Occupation Service Medal is a decoration awarded to members of the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard who served in specific regions of Europe or Asia following the end of WWII. A “Germany Bar” device is worn with the medal by personnel who served in the following locations in Europe during 1945 to 1947.


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