Nato Kosovo Medal


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Nato kosovo Medal

Nato kosovo Medal.  There are currently fourteen versions of the NATO Medal in existence.  for service in the former Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Macedonia, two for service during Article 5 operations. (Eagle Assist, Active Endeavour), and eight for Non-Article 5 NATO operations.  The (International Support Afghanistan Freedom (ISAF), Resolute Support, Balkans, NATO Training Mission-Iraq (NTM-I), Africa, AMIS, OUP-Libya, and Pakistan).  Additionally, there are corresponding clasps for operations such as ISAF, Kosovo, and the former Yugoslavia, NTM-I.  Hence these clasps designating Article 5, and Non-Article 5 designations. There is also a NATO Meritorious Service Medal, with a “Meritorious Service” clasp as well. However, U.S. military personnel do not wear the clasps on the NATO Medals, since the U.S. has its own devices that are used instead.


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