Armed Forces Honor Medal


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Armed Forces Honor Medal

Armed Forces Honor Medal was a military decoration of South Vietnam that was first created in 1953. The awarded in 1st and 2nd class grades. . The medal was also one of the more commonly award medals to members of foreign militaries and was frequently bestowed to members of the United States Armed Forces.

The medal was awarded for non-combat service and was comparable to the United States military award of the Commendation Medal.

The first class medal was awarded to commissioned officers and the second class medals were awarded to warrant officers and enlisted personnel. The two grades of the Vietnam Armed Forces Honor Medal were distinguished by the medal’s medallion.  Gold for 1st class and silver for 2nd class. The medal’s suspension and service ribbons for the 2 grades were distinguished by a yellow and red pattern for the 1st class and two red patterns until the end of each side of the ribbon for the 2nd class. Hence the vertical ribbon stripes of the 1st class were light blue.  While the vertical ribbon stripes of the second class were greenish.

Today, the medal is only available through private dealers in military insignia.



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