Antarctica Service Medal


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Antarctica Service Medal

Antarctica Service Medal (ASM) was established by the United States Congress on July 7, 1960 under Public Law.  Statute 600 of the 86th Congress.

  • Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal
  • Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal
  • United States Antarctic Expedition Medal

following the creation of the Antarctica Service Medal.  The service ribbon is ​1 38 inches wide and consists of a ​316-inch black stripe on each edge and graded from a white stripe in the center to a pale blue, light blue, greenish blue, and medium blue. The outer bands of black and dark blue represent five months of Antarctic darkness; the center portion, by its size and colors – grading from medium blue through light blue and pale blue to white. Hence it symbolizes seven months of solar illumination, and also the aurora australis


To qualify for the Antarctica Service Medal, personnel must train or serve between fifteen and thirty days stationed on the Antarctic continent.  Defined as south of 60 degrees latitude. Flight crews performing transport missions to Antarctica qualify for one day of service for each flight mission performed within a 24-hour time period. Civilians who work in a research facility or on a research vessel are also eligible to receive the Antarctica Service Medal through the National Science Foundation, provided that they also remain south of 60 degrees latitude for a cumulative period of 10 days, or 30 days if prior to October 10, 2008.


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