Vietnam Gallantry Cross Ribbon W/ palm


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Vietnam Gallantry Cross Ribbon W/ palm.



Vietnam Gallantry Cross Ribbon W/ palm.  The devices to the Gallantry Cross are not worn simultaneously but instead are upgraded to the next higher device which would replace the previous device for wear on the decoration.

U.S. Marine Corps uniform regulations in 2003 state the recipient should wear only one Gallantry Cross.  Regardless of the number received for multiple awards.  You can wear as many authorized devices as will fit on one medal suspension ribbon or ribbon bar. Wear the devices for subsequent awards in order of seniority from the wearer’s right. The first palm is ​1 716 inches on the suspension ribbon or ​68 inch on the service ribbon. Subsequent palms are ​68 inch on the suspension ribbon or ​38 inch on the service ribbon. Stars are ​38 inch.

Service versions

The similarly named decorations were the Air Gallantry Cross and Navy Gallantry Cross.


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